Wednesday, April 28, 2010

04-28-10 Email

Hey everyone,
So this week has been pretty good. I can’t say it was super excellent because we lost 2 days of work. On Friday my companion went to Curitiba to renew his visa and we had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning because he had to be at the bus station by 4:30. He didn’t get back until 7 and we only had time to do one visit. It was a good visit. It was with a less active. Elder Miller actually baptized them but some people said some things that the mom didn’t like and got offended and left the church. It’s actually really sad that someone can really affect your life so much that they just destroy your happiness. But it’s okay we are hoping that they go back. Their daughter already said that she will go back and we are having a Family Home evening there today. And then on Saturday we went to Santa Paula about an hr away and we had to do interviews. We left our area at 2 and didn’t get home until late. Elder did 5 interviews and it turned out that no one got baptized L they didn’t show up. This week we started out with 2 Family Home evenings. Monday was in the house of another inactive. I guess this guy used to be on the bishopric and everything but then he started going to like a bike club thing and I think people probably said something. His wife started going inactive and then he was just going to go inactive for a little bit to show her a lesson but then he went totally inactive. It was actually really good and fun. I hope that they felt the spirit and will decide to come back soon. Tuesday we found 5 great families. It was actually a miracle because we were kind of down because all of our investigators fell through and didn’t want anything more. But Tuesday was excellent it gave us the excitement again. And then we did another FHE in the 2nd counselor’s house with Alexandre and Danielle and a less active Hilda. The only thing that lacks for them (alex and dani) is for them to get married. But the bad thing is, they will move in about a month. So we got to work fast lol Today we played soccer downtown and went to pick up some stuff from the house in Jardim Europa because I don’t think we are going to go back there. There is a member that works downtown and he was telling us that a lot of people are moving from there and the ward is really weakening. It’s sad, and I hope that they get missionaries here quickly. This week we are hoping to have about 15 in the church again. We have met some really cool people and our members are awesome. We have divisions marked for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Let’s just hope that they all work out.

Well for me everything is going really well, and I hope all is great for you all in the US. Thanks for everything. I will try to get some things in the mail this next week but it just has been crazy.

Our investigators and so more info:
Dirceu- We found him through a member actually that left with us and he is only 14 yrs old. But Dirceu is about 45 years old and he is awesome. He smokes and drinks coffee but we have already helped him drop to about 3 each day. Felipe has been on his feet about going to church so Im sure he will go this week.

Celsio/Aperacida- We found Celsio on a contact in the street and we just walked and talked to his house. We taught him Friday and when we went back there Tuesday he wasn’t there but his wife was and so we taught her. She is actually looking for the truth here on the earth and actually wants to be baptized but just in the right place. She then gave us 2 references of her relatives. She was awesome. She smokes as well and she wants to stop but she cant so we will help her.

Daniele/Alexandre- Elder Miller taught them about a year ago and they are so amazing. Its like they are already prepared to make this covenant. They only need to get married which is actually really easy lol. They just had a baby like 3 months ago and they are about to move. So its actually going to be a great new life for them.

Cleusa/ Mayara – We found them when we actually looking for another family lol it was actually great because 2 years ago Cleusa lost her son and she still hasn’t gotten over it. She has actually been searching for answers and no one has been able to answer them. When we got there she let us in and the spirit was so strong it was amazing. When we left we told we will come back to teach her where her son went and she just sat there and looked at us knowing that what we were teach is the truth. They are awesome. Mayara is her granddaughter and she has a baby and finally she gave her baby to her brother who wasn’t listening and said I'm trying to learn, take him for a little while. How awesome!!

We will have an activity the 22nd and its going to be cranium lol we are re writing it to be in Portuguese and to be about the church like Noah he was a great builder and so people will have to use their designing abilities to help their team. Using clay, drawing and each team will have some curses like blindness, mute, take away a player. Its going to be awesome. Im so excited, and I hope we have a whole bunch of people there! Well things here are great I hope you all are having a great time as well. Love you tons.
Have a great week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

04-14-10 email

So here its been an awesome week. We have been workin our butts off. My companion always has to do interviews and so we lose all of our Saturdays because of them. But still we have found A LOT of people. I mean we have opened the area so we didn't have much to work with, so we have been just basically knocking on doors and a lot of people have been letting us in. It's nice. In campus, there is a lot of members inactive and so we have some work to do with that. This past Sunday we started markin divisions with the members and we have had a lot of success with them. Sunday we taught 4 in 2 hrs and last night we taught another 3. Its great to have the members working with us so that we can do more work and also that we can give the investigators a friend to work with.
Today we had this humongous barbeque with the other elders and it was great way to end this crazy transfer lol. Hamburgers, steak, the ham pickle thing, apple crisp, baked beans, chili on baked potatoes. It was awesome. Anyone who's been to Brazil will know that they don't have these things. LOL it was a bunch of guessing lol. Well hope all is well with everyone at home. Not much else goin on here. Im sure I will have some more wonderful news for everyone next week.
Love you all,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

02-03-10 Email

Hey things are going well here. I am really doing great, I am on this process of forgetting myself. The last 2 interviews were about how I can be a better missionary.
It's not going to be winter until March or April. But we have electrical heat. And most of the time we just get 3 blankets to use lol because we pay the electric bill and it'll be like 200 if we keep it on at night.
The baptisms were good, but we didn't make our goal. We only got 5 for the last month but we hope to see an increase this next month. We are teaching some extraordinary families that are just waiting for us to show them the truth. It's going great. I am in the same area with the same companion and everything. We will be together for the next 6 weeks and then I will definitely head out.
The kite flying was different, I lost all 4 of my kites. Everyone cut mine lol. But it's okay it was fun watching people yelling and stuff.
And yeah if I were those soldiers I would go to the singles ward as well. Its kinda lonely going to family ward without a family lol. But its okay I guess.
Umm what else to put in the box? IDK what you already put in there. You can send the cookie mix and stuff like that. Like brownies where you just have to add eggs and milk. But umm. Just surprise me. You know what I like. If not ask Jnett cuz she does :)
Well we are running late. We cooked breakfast for this member whose birthday was today and we played soccer in another church with a bunch of people. It was fun but it was super hot lol.
Have a great week. Love ya lots. Take care!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01-20-10 Email

Hey everyone,
So this past week as everyone has heard many have died in the disaster in Haiti. 17 Brazilians died as well as this famous lady idk who. A lot of people have been talking about it and it gives us a chance to really teach that we never know the day of tomorrow. We should really live our lives the best we can. The best child, parent, friend, the best everything so we can really give more value to the things that we have. Those people weren’t prepared to die that day, but they don’t get to go back and do the things that they always wished. Don’t get to kiss their wives and tell them they love them, don’t get to re-do things that they have messed up or forgive someone who had wronged them. But we do, we have a chance to go back and to re-do what was done to do better than what we have and to strive to be the best that we can do. I love everyone and I hope that you know this.
These 2 weeks have been really good for us here. There has been a lot of success here in the area and we hope to see the fruit of it as well. We found a family that had lost the dad 3 months ago in a car accident and we have been teaching them for the past week and a half. The mom is kind of in a mood that she doesn’t want anything to do with God and that she doesn’t believe but we are working hard to help her climb out of the hole she was thrown in. Her kids (Jackie and Jason) already want to be baptized but we just have to wait and see her response.
Today we will go fly kites. Here everyone flies from kids to men with kids and wives. It’s funny to see the son asking to fly the kite and the dad doesn’t let him. Here they actually have air battles lol. They put some special glue on the kite string and they try to cut the other lines of the other kites. Its crazy. I hope my kite will survive the battle today. We are going with Jonas, Jonaton, Jason, Marcelo and Rubens. It should be really fun!!
Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet a Brasilian singer. Ellen something lol (Hélen Lyu) She went on Brasil Idol and she got 2nd place. She has cds out and everything. She wanted me to teach her English but didn’t have much time you know? But I guess it was cool. Everyone was treating her all special and I didn’t know who it was so I was like whatever lol.
This Friday we have interviews with the president and I'm planning to send everyone their letters so be ready! Sorry it has taken so long. We don’t leave our area and when we do we go to High Neighborhood (Bairro Alto) and they don’t have post office in their area as well. So it sucks. But we are going to go. Thanks for everything for the emails, letters and gifts. I really appreciate it.
Love ya lots.
Elder Mitchell

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

01-06-10 Email

Hey everyone!!
This past couple of weeks have been pretty good really. We have had a lot of trials but we ended up helping out 2 people (Guilherme, Claudia) this week and we hope to have the other one (Rojerio) this Sunday. A lot of things were going wrong but we ended up coming out of it good. Saturday was supposed to be the 3 baptisms and ended up only having 1. Rojerio didn’t talk to his parents so we have to wait for him to talk to them and Guilherme´s grandpa got called into work Saturday so we had to move the baptism to Sunday. But it was still good.
For the New Years we spent the night in Wevington and Isis´s house. It was fun. Had 4 families there and we ended up playing monopoly lol. It was a crazy game and we ended up leaving before it was too late because of the time. Idk if its really different here than there. A big fest until midnight and they just have fireworks. I guess the difference here is anyone can buy fireworks and they are super cheap so everyone has them and everyone is shooting them off. And most of the people are dumb lol they shoot them off and they end up hitting houses and stuff. But whatever lol.
Its been raining the last 4 days and its not very fun walking in it. But this week we helped paint a member’s house. A month ago she fell of her roof or something and hit her head and so now we are trying to brighten everything up in her house so she isn’t scared. We painted it light green and white. It was only 4 of us and they was a lot of weight to move. It sucked lol. But its okay, its for a good cause.
Today we went to Autodromo and played soccer with Elder B Fernandes and Cox and they are doing great in their area nowadays. Its awesome to see. But it was fun, they had a lot of guys there to play. There was 3 teams. And then afterwards we played a game called monopoly deal. It’s a cool game. Its monopoly but with cards, its actually hard to explain but take my word for it. It’s good :)
Well that's all for me this week. I have a lot of letters to send out but still haven't gone downtown yet to send them. But thanks for everything!! Have a great new year and a great week!

Elder Mitchell